Why You Must Know Your Relationship Market Value Before You Begin Dating

Before you begin the dating process, it’s important to understand your Relationship Market Value (RMV). Your RMV helps you determine three things:

(1) the characteristics that you bring to a relationship that can be of value or benefit to a mate;

(2) what type of guys you can attract so that you can focus your efforts on finding that type of man; and

(3) if you are ready for a relationship. When determining your Relationship Market Value, you take a close look at your mental/emotional health, financial health, family relationships and other areas of your life, and discover if you are really ready for a relationship.

You determine your RMV by looking at the positive traits that you bring to the table that add value to the relationship, while evaluating the negative ones as well-those that may take something away or create challenges in a relationship. Determining your value is about being realistic regarding what you will be bringing into a relationship. Sometimes people are frustrated in relationships because they are always dating people who are not in their lane or out of their league. If you are constantly frustrated or getting rejected, evaluate your RMV and be honest with yourself.

Don’t always try to be a romantic overachiever and then ask why you can never find a man. If you have some real negative traits, such as being broke or having eight children, those things are not going to be perceived positively by a lot of men. One of my negative traits, gambling, probably rules out the possibility of me marrying a pastor. (But I enjoy gambling.) It is important to know your strengths and build upon them so that you can differentiate yourself from other women. If you are funny, be the funniest, wittiest woman in the room. If you are pretty, smile and be proud to be the most attractive woman in the room.

In my book, I provide an exercise that allows you to rank your positive traits so that you can attract the type of man who would value the best in you. A brief summary of the RMV assessment areas are listed below:

o Physical Appearance/Your Looks – Assess how attractive or pretty you are (as others see you) considering both your facial features and body/figure

o Career or Job Stability – Evaluate the degree of success in your career or job

o Spiritual/Emotional/ Mental Stability: Evaluate if you are emotionally stable person, which strong values and beliefs that guide your day-to-day life

o Financial Stability – Determine if you are financially stable with savings, investments and good credit

o Personality/ Interpersonal Skills – Assess if you have interesting things in life to share or talk about and if people are interested in spending time with you

o Family Relationships – Assess if you have strong family ties or are all of your current family relationships dysfunctional

o Education/Training – Evaluate the quality of your education

o Social or Celebrity Status – Determine how well connected you are with “high society” folks, elite country clubs or celebrity events

Once you completed your RMV assessment, you will have better clarity on the type of guys you can attract based upon your positive traits. You can begin to focus your efforts on finding the type of man that will value your positive traits. This will not just be any man, but the right man for you.

Poker Table Tops – An Affordable Way to Play Poker During an Economic Recession?

The above question asks whether Poker Table Tops are an affordable alternative for Poker Players in today’s economic climate? And whether or not Poker Table Tops make the playing of Poker more accessible to general members of the public, the ordinary Poker player?

This question is not posed merely to promote the product of Poker Table Tops. It ponders if the affects of the recent / present Recession, which has resulted in growing unemployment, reductions in take home pay and subsequently disposable income and the limiting of individuals earning potential, has led to the playing of Poker in casinos to become an unaffordable luxury for many Poker Players.

In attempting to put forward some kind of rational and logical argument to the question that is posed by the title, one must first ask ‘Who is the ordinary poker Player?’

According to eCOGRA (e Commerce On-line Gaming Regulation and Assurance) the typical on-line poker player was:

  • Male 73.8%
  • Age 26-35 (26.9%)
  • Play two to three times per week (26.8%)
  • Have played for two to three years (23.6%)
  • Play between one to two hours per session (33.3%)
  • Play one table (24.1%) or two tables (24%) at a time
  • Play both cash games and tournaments (34%)
  • Play at big blind levels of $0.50 to $2.00(US) (61.2%)
  • Play with 6-10% of their bankroll on the table at any one time (23%)
  • Claim that they are average in terms of skill
  • Feel that there is slightly more skill involved in poker than luck (31.9%)
  • Travel over 100 miles to play poker at least 2 times per year (38%)
  • 52% Internet Poker players have a bachelors degree or higher
  • 75% of those who did not and would not try internet gambling where married while 56% of internet gamblers were married
  • 37% of casino goers gamble online as compared to 5% of the general population

The above statistics not only show the general make up of the ordinary Poker Player but also their playing habits. Granted the above statistics are applicable to the on-line Poker Player, however eCOGRA went on to state, “Most studies suggest that demographics of online gambling are broadly similar to those of the offline gambling population, with a spread of income, gender and education.”

Given the ravages of the world wide Recession money has become a scare commodity and people are retreating from the high streets. With less money in people’s pockets there is less money for people to spend to help boost the economy.

With any recession people are left to re-evaluate their finances. Usually their little luxuries in life are the first to be sacrificed in their home budget. These luxuries include those trips to the casino to play the great game of Poker. It isn’t a free and desirable choice, it’s a choice dictated by the effects of a failing economy.

Granted on-line Poker offers the ordinary Poker Players the opportunity to play the game but that, in my opinion is impersonal. For me there is nothing like the feel of playing Poker in a room, face to face with your opponents, yet being part of the camaraderie that exist between players.

One could purchase a Poker Table for his / her home. This provides one with the opportunity to reproduce that Casino feel without having to travel. However it does also provide some difficulties. Furthermore, the cost of a Poker Table could be anywhere in the region of $2000 but in these recessionary times the luxury of having $2000 spare is not one luxury many people have.

Another option is to avail oneself of the many manuals on-line that illustrate how to build a Poker Table for between $200 & $300. Unfortunately not everyone has the skills or the desire to build one.

Further to the above, not everyone has the room to store a full size Poker Table in their house. As a result of the Recession, many people have had to downsize on their homes. Be it through choice, enforced sale or by eviction, people have had to seriously curtail their living habits and lifestyles. This includes reducing the living area / space in which most of us live. A full size Poker Table may not be a practical option.

Here is why I believe Poker Table Tops allow the ordinary Poker Player to play Poker during the Recession: Poker Table Tops allow all players to enjoy the game with like minded people in the comfort of their own home without the burden of high cost and with an added bonus of convenience. The cost of Poker Table Tops is relatively cheap compared to other products. Some affordable options start at around just $29. At this low cost, one can still enjoy the face to face intensity of playing Poker, Octagonal or Rectangular shaped Poker Table Tops can fit up to 8 to 10 Poker players at any one time.

Unlike Poker Tables, Poker Table Tops are not bulky items, lay them anywhere on any surface and quickly prepare them for playing on, they are just as easy to store away. This allows one to recreate that casino feel without having to sacrifice much needed space in their home.

I do not profess to be an Academic on this topic. This piece is based on my opinion, an opinion formed by witnessing more people looking for cheaper and more sustainable ways of maintaining a lifestyle they had prior to the world wide Recession. In that I believe Poker Table Tops allow the ordinary Poker Player an opportunity to keep playing Poker in a truly competitive and fun atmosphere, while not having the added expenses that were incumbent when travelling to the casino during the good times.

Therefore, in answering the question posed by the title, ‘Poker Table Tops – An easy way to play Poker during an economic recession?’ I would answer ‘Yes, in my opinion Poker Table Tops do indeed offer an easy way to play Poker during a recession.’

Vegas Ought to Bet on Clean Energy

Spending time in Vegas gave me an opportunity, yet again, to experience the power of the almighty dollar.

But it’s not the gambling I’m referring to. Although the din of the slots, cries of anguish at the craps games and cool stares from packed blackjack tables are something to behold.

No, it’s the Vegas thirst for electrical power that gets me thinking. Massive voltage travels from the grid into the various mini cities on the Strip — like the new Palazzo resort hotel, which with the Venetian has about 8,000 rooms. That energy flows into the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, the Flamingo and all the rest. Just the air conditioning bill would crush a third-world country. Toss in the rest of the operations, high-definition billboards and lighting that can be seen from the space shuttle, and it’s enough to keep Nevada Power Co. one of the most stable and profitable investments of all time.

But imagine this: What if Vegas went big for alternative energy and energy efficiency? It’s a risk, sure. But where else can you bet on a Wizard of Oz slot, get beer delivered and take a leak just 10 paces away? Vegas thrives on risk.

And while energy efficiency retrofits have proved their value, renewables still have a way to go. For instance, Forbes’ Devon Swezey predicts a clean tech crash. “The reason is simple,” Swezey writes. “Clean energy is still much more expensive and less reliable than coal or gas.”

And the economy bites, subsidies are dying and public sector budgets look like a two-egg breakfast left overnight outside in the hall at the Paris. So what?

That’s really not what’s driving the industry right now. For instance, go outside on the Strip in Vegas and breathe the air. Accompanying the constant stale stench of fried food, ambiance of public urination, sweat and other gross stuff is a good dose of pollution. That isn’t fresh air. And it isn’t just Vegas.

The truth is the air is nasty in most big cities. Sure, beautiful Fresno has some of the worst. I was introduced to asthma here. Nothing like it, especially on a long run. Might as well get punched in the face. There’s a cost to that. Coal and gas may be cheap per kilowatt, but that energy becomes very costly just multiplied by 100 million people trouping into pharmacies for treatment of allergy-related ailments.

And then there’s the whole carbon debate. Fox News may try to sidestep the issue, but it’s pretty clear we’ve got a serious problem.

“Here is the truth: The Earth is round; Saddam Hussein did not attack us on 9/11; Elvis is dead; Obama was born in the United States; and the climate crisis is real. It is time to act,” says Al Gore in a piece for Rolling Stone.

I tend to believe it. And I’m not the only one.

Tom Daykin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal writes about Fritz Kreiss and Catherine McQueen, whose 19-room Green Leaf Inn in rural Delavan, Wisc. uses a wind turbine, geothermal energy and solar power to produce a nonexistent carbon footprint.

And tax and audit company KPMG LLP has announced it leveraged a 22 percent carbon reduction in overall operations over three years. That’s KPMG, hardly a tree-hugging hippy, and its pursuing a plan to improve the environmental performance of its business.

I collected a relatively long list, but I’ll keep this rant somewhat short.

So where else but Vegas would clean energy be better showcased? A silly town in the desert nobody thought would be successful. Heck, if that were the case, it really would’ve dried up during this “recession.” But no, the World Series of Poker was a huge success this year, and people flocked despite unreal dinner prices.

So dress that next casino hotel resort with solar panels, tap some geothermal and go LED crazy. Yeah, in Vegas baby.

Get Prison Survival Tips and Stay Safe in Jail With These Secrets!

If you are going to be headed to a jail or prison any time soon I have outlined some key points you need to know to survive and thrive behind locked bars.

Prison Survival Tips #1: Do not get involved with punks

One of the biggest warnings I want to give you is about people becoming your friend or wanting to take you “under their wing.” People that offer this method of “help” are either looking for a punk or are looking for someone they can pimp out to other prisoners. You can become a punk and you will be used and abused and may even be sold to other inmates as their slave.

Prison Survival Tips #2: Do not discuss your crime

Never talk about your crime. Especially if your crime is of a sexual nature. Inmates that are doing for sex crimes are the biggest targets for rape and harassment and of course violence. If you are a sexual offender chances are you should ask to be put into protective custody from the get go. Protective custody will keep you away from the general prison population and keep you alive.

Prison Survival Tips #3: Do not get involved in gambling

If you end up owing someone a lot of money chances are you can get killed. Gambling is obviously a no win situation. If you can’t afford to pay your gambling bills dont do it. And also realize that winning a game over high stakes against another inmate can make them angry. If anything learn a few card games and play only friendly games with no money involved.

Prison Survival Tips #4: Don’t stare at another prisoner

When you are walking through your range keep your eyes focused straight ahead and don’t stare at people. Looking at someone too long can make them angry and turn you into a future victim of an attack. They might act nice to you one minute then attack you and make you their worse enemy for the rest of your sentence.

Prison Survival Tips #5: Do not use drugs

Drugs can get you into a lot of trouble. Yeah, they are everywhere in the prison system, but if you are caught with drugs in your system, or you get addicted to a habit you can’t afford you can get into serious troubles. Avoid drugs completely and rely on antidepressants or whatever the jail can give you from the medical ward as a pick me up. Don’t do the street drugs.

You have to understand and implement these tips into surviving your jail sentence. Don’t break these rules and remember to be your own man and be your own backup. Always remember that if someone starts problems with you that finish it for them physically.