Ryan Watts Emini Trading Program Review

Ryan Watts E-mini Trading

I started trading index futures back in 2004. My first year trading the ES (S&P E-mini) contracts was a long year for me as I was essentially gambling and I am a terrible gambler.

Fortunately, in 2005 I stumbled upon Ryan Watts and his Scalping the E-mini Futures & Forex learning program. I can not begin to tell you what an eye-opening experience it was for me. If only this program was known to me in 2004 it would have saved $1,000’s of my hard-earned dollars.

Having personally traded using Ryan Watts’ day trading system I think I can give a fairly non-biased review. Mr. Watts is a trader first and a teacher second and he uses these techniques everyday to scalp the ES (e-mini S&P), the YM (e-mini Dow) and he also trades the foreign exchange market (Forex). What you get with the Watts Trading consists of three parts, first being the e-book with charts examples and setups, second being the progressive flow exercises, and last but definitely not least you get lifetime access to the live trading room.

* The e-book gives you a detailed look at the mechanics of his process, the steps used to prepare for each trading day, and an outline that will help you stay focused in the work of your trading. All of the tools that Ryan makes use of are shown in the e-book with detailed information on each.

* What you get with the progressive flow exercises is a detailed step by step process that you will use to progress as a trader. Traders ought to gradually progress as their skills improve and that is what these exercises are all about. You can move along at your own pace and build the confidence you require to succeed.

There’s also lots of other useful pages on the Watts Trading Group page on yahoo groups. Chart templates are provided there as well which makes things much faster when you go to setup your charts. There’s also some.pdfs that helped me tweak my charts and make minor adjustments in my order entry. There are also suggestions from fellow traders from the trading room who like to share their knowledge as well and will lend a hand, too. One document that I found particularly useful was Mr. Watts’ explanation of the stages of cost action. It was great to see the way that he views the market and what cost action is all about.

I highly recommend Watts Trading for someone who desires a nice scalping strategy whether it be for Forex or index futures.

When I first bought and starting it, I found the live trading room the very useful. Mr. Watts is trading this exact process everyday so you can see his live charts as well, which is helpful to see some real example trades. In the event you need any assistance or have questions he has always provided it and will show you what criteria to use to take trades or pass on them.

Mr. Watts will also answer any questions you have about his trading process if he is in the trading room or always by e-mail. This is what helped me recover from a funk and make serious strides as a trader. Do not expect Mr. Watts to give calls because it is not a calling room, but will go over his trades after the fact. Trading the same market as Mr. Watts and when I took the same trade as him it helped boost my confidence.

Once you learn to trust yourself and the indicators (signals), you will find trading profitably and consistently a reality.

You can get more information by going to Watts Trading.

May your next trade be profitable.

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